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Play It Loud Music is a boutique management and booking agency that is run by a tight knit team of industry specialists, musicians and, most importantly, people that are dedicated to seeing an artist's career flourish. We have an extensive music licensing catalog some of which can be previewed here. Also, we offer an "a la carte" menu of services including marketing and branding to artists, labels, producers, studios, and businesses looking for a creative edge. 

No artist is alike and everyone's goal will differ. For this reason we like to get to know our clients so that we can assign the right person to their projects in order to help them reach their goals.

Because musicians make up an important part of our company, we understand musicians, how to keep creative juices flowing, what it is like to be on the road, what a 13/9 chord sounds like, a number of ways to voice a #9b5 chord and even natural sore throat cures! We don't wear suits. We are constantly listening to new music and checking out upcoming artists. We love to be involved in the world of music and it's scene. We are creative and business smart individuals who know that things don't happen overnight, but if you work hard good things do come.

The last decade has seen revolutionary change in the music industry. With the current situation in the business, we know you can't stick to moulds based on the past. In fact, it is one of the most exciting times for artists in the industry as there is finally the opportunity for new moulds to be set. Our interest is to inspire you and help reach your objectives.

After working closely with our partners in Europe, we are proud to have toured bands for the first time in countries including but not limited to England, Germany, Spain, France, Holland not to leave out Canada, USA, and Japan.

We accept unsolicited demos and listen to EVERYTHING we are sent. If you intend to send us MP3's please send links to your web page first, a current EPK and a list of recent venues you have performed at.

We hope you take the time to visit the rest of our site. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have any enquiries. We would love to get your feedback and look forward to hearing your music.

Play It Loud and be heard!!!

Aaron Bethune


 “Aaron is a highly motivated and inspired member of the music industry. His passion for the art of music Supervision is unmatched and his understanding of the full media-landscape is impressive and enticing. Aaron is a fantastic journalist. His interviews are always compelling and insightful. He asks all the right questions and does a brilliant job at framing the story for the audience so they get the most out of that reading-experience. His work both inspires and educates musicians and music supervisors alike."

-David Hayman

Head of Music Supervision & Licensing, Vapor Music Group



 "When you run into people with a true passion for innovation and music, you take notice. Aaron Bethune is constantly applying the former to the latter, and he does it with integrity -- this is a person you want on your team."

-David Weiss

Co-Author of Music Supervision , Co-Founder of SonicScoop , Editor of Mix Magazine NY, Contributor of Drum! magazine, Owner of DLB Media



 "PlayItLoudMusic is a great and reliable company that is easy to work with...they provide excellent service in all aspects of the music biz!"

-Shawn Meehan

Singer, guitarist, songwriter of Top 10 Canadian rock band KROME .



 "Aaron has a great interview style that brings out the best in the people he talks to. His newsletter is well thought out, far reaching and incisive and I always put my clients forward for it - always will."

-Kevin Fetterplace

Kevin manages the PR for creative people and represents about 30 of the world's top record producers, 30 of the world's top music video and advertising commercial directors and four of the world's top photographers. Founder of Mojo Working.


 "After having worked with Aaron on various projects, I have had the opportunity to appreciate his expertise and understanding of the market, as well as his great effectiveness and commitment."

-Stefano Galante

Producer, Engineer, songwriter. His credits include Andrea Bocelli (multi million selling album "Romanza"), Wayne Shorter, Gino Vannelli, and many more. Galante Entertainmnet


 "Aaron is a consummate professional. A tireless worker who goes the extra mile to achieve results for his clients and business partners."

-Phil Ogden

Songwriter and producer. SoundCloud.



 "Aaron is a serious player in the game who understands the importance of reinvention. Always ready to tackle new projects with verve and enthusiasm his dynamic company produces quality results time and time again. A very respected partner with an attention to detail and always about follow through. I recommend him to anyone looking for a serious associate who can deliver the goods!"

-Mike Puskas

Producer and Industry Professional. Dead Famous Artists and Sugarfilly Entertainment



 "Aaron is a positive person with great energy, he is committed to the projects he works on and won't stop until the goal is reached. I enjoy working with him!"


Nuevo Flamenco ChillOut Musician, Producer and Painter. Moreza Music



 "Talent, professionalism, experience, and passion are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Aaron Bethune's role within the music industry. Aaron is a smart guy with a vast network of industry professionals at his disposal. His experience at all levels of the industry combined with his level headed perspective as a businessman and musician makes him an essential part of any team. Whether it's for marketing, booking or management, I highly recommend connecting with Aaron for anyone looking to enhance their career in music."

-Ryan Stanley

Professional Coach, Band Manager, Screenwriter and Independent Film Producer. Member of iPEC (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), Ryan is considered by many to be the leader in Professional Life Coaching throughout the Music Industry. CEO and Lead Coach at Ryan Stanley


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Posted by: Aaron Bethune


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