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New Music Industry Book by Aaron Bethune

 After years of working with many successful musicians and entrepreneurs it became apparent that there were certain key ingredients to their success. This started a passionate curiosity to better understand what exactly it was that set the successful apart from those with talent but no music career in their future. Were they simply born to be successful? The quest for the answer lead to an extensive research of successful musicians, artists and CEOs through to athletes and the world of neuroscience.

With the answers I wanted to present a resource that gave the reader the mindset, tools and approach for success in music. And I wanted it to be a book that related to left and right brain thinkers alike, hopefully connecting the two. The result is Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music.

If you have talent, a great idea, a dream, but don't know how to turn it into a business, this book is for you. It offers guidance, inspiration and clear steps into turning your passion into a career.

Musicpreneur connects the dots between music and business. With a healthy dose of creativity, it provides the tools, knowledge, mindset and approach for you to get heard above the noise and build a successful career in music.

Get the first two chapters FREE by visiting www.musicpreneur.ca




Music Placement



We have recently placed "I'll Be Damned", by our client Ryan McMahon , over the end credits on an upcoming episode of the hit show Californication. It has been a dream come true for Ryan's as he is a huge fan of the show. We were happy to have helped make it a reality. 




Music Placement



It was a real pleasure to place "You Make Me Wanna Fly" by Stef Lang on a recent Delta Airlines Project. We've seen Stef's career build and take her from Ladysmith, BC to New York, NY.



Podcast Interview with Aaron Bethune


 I was recently interviewed on Aaron Davidson of "How To License Your Music" on the topic of traits of successful musicians. Is there a set of traits that can make for success in music? Find out here:  

Music, Money And Life Podcast with Aaron Bethune





New Podcast with Aaron Bethune


  Above The Noise Music Industry Podcast

I realized that the natural evolution of the interviews I post was to start a podcast, and it is something I have wanted to do for some time! Realizing that the toughest thing in today's music industry (and really this applies outside of the music industry as well) is to be heard "Above The Noise." The purpose of these podcasts is to find out what it takes to permeate to the top. With the physical ability to listen to only 5% (and that’s if we spend 24-7 without breaks) of new music released every week (thanks to Jay Frank for this stat) how do you get “Heard Above The Noise.?” These podcasts are with the people behind the music and the people behind the business of this industry.

I will be sharing my conversations with musicians, songwriters, composers, marketing and branding gurus, social media experts, industry leaders, thought provokers and music futurists in an attempt to shed some light on what it takes to be heard "Above The Noise."

In addition I teach a music industry course called "Above The Noise" and I will be sharing the audio from our guest lectures. 

For those of you who missed my recent webinar with music supervisor Sarah Gavigan here is a link to the audio . Sarah shares a ton of insight on what makes a song licensable and how to get your music licensed. I have made both the webinar and the Q&A into podcasts. If you are serious about licensing your music I suggest taking a listen!

#2 ATN Interview with music supervisor Sarah Gavigan by Above The Noise  

#2.1 ATN Q&A with Music Supervisor Sarah Gavigan by Above The Noise  




Music Licensing Webinar with Aaron Bethune and Sarah Gavigan


Sarah Gavigan and Aaron Bethune Music Licensing Webinar

It is our pleasure to let everybody know that music supervisor Sarah Gavigan and Aaron Bethune will be offering a FREE 'how to' get your music licensed webinar on Monday March 26th at 5pm PST. 

We are going to be discussing:
-Revenue for independent musicians today
-The full landscape of music licensing
-Emerging Markets
-How to approach a music supervisor
-The value of music
-What makes a song licensable?

To sign up please go here.

We will be offering a Q&A follow up on Monday April 2nd at 5pm PST.



Turn Music into Money by Licensing Your Music


PlayItLoudMusic Sarah Gavigan Get Your Music Licensed

We know how important music licensing is to an artist's career and so do you! While many of you are already finding placements or have people working on your behalf, we can't recommend more highly Sarah's online music licensing course. Artist or a representative, with prior licensing success or not, everyone can benefit.

Not only does the course give you an insider view of what a music supervisors job consists of and how to cater to their needs more effectively but it offers step by step guidance turning your music into money.




Music Marketing and PR


 Vagbond, Valentina Parisse

In the coming month we will start a PR campaign for Canadian/Italian Sony recording artist Parisse. We will be developing her fan base in north America with traditional and cyper PR. Most importantly we will be creating a social media marketing plan to give the necessary attention her new album "Vagabond" deserves. Renowned engineer and producer, Stefano Galante (Andrea Boccelli, Wayne Shorter, Fillipa Giordano) is responsible for this neo soul production. For more on Parisse and the new album please click here .



Music Business Class with Aaron Bethune


Aaron Bethune is happy to be teaching his music business course titled "Above The Noise" which will soon be available online too!

"In today’s music industry, it is no longer a matter of needing a record deal to record, distribute and sell an album, you can do that yourself! Today, it is all about permeating to the top... being heard above the noise!

My course takes an in depth look at how to build value to your brand, where revenue streams can come from in todays industry, the components that make up a solid foundation to a long lasting career, and how you can create your own niche and set your own moulds!

With resources supplied including sample agreements, contracts, PDF’s, programs, guest lecturers, a unique website and in class projects you will have all the tools to be heard above the noise!

I love music and I am passionate about every aspect of it, and the industry that goes with it. Like many, I decided that I wanted my life to be about music. I realized that playing music was not going to pay all the bills and that I didn’t want to get a job that was unrelated to what I am most passionate about. So I decided that when I wasn’t playing music I would be working it’s business! Over the years I have learnt many lessons and have made many connections. I have come to realize that in this business you need to not only understand how it works, but most importantly, build relationships and be able to connect the dots." Says Bethune.

Here is a recent interview with Aaron Bethune for Aaron Davidson on the topic of music licensing: An Interview With Aaron Bethune by aarondavison




Music Placements


MetLife Stadium New York Giants Logo


As the NY Giants just won the Super Bowl we thought we should mention that the music that was featured in the spot, shown at all NY GIANTS and NY JETS games at the MetLife Stadium this season, was one of our placements. The video was played at every game and was also a TV Spot. Here is a link to the New York Giants Spot. Here is a link to the New York Jets Spot. We are currently working on a number of projects and are always looking for great music!




Music Marketing and Radio Promotion


The Irish Rovers

After a successful radio promotion at the end of 2011 we are just about to kick off the new campaign. In late 2011 we tracked the first Christmas singles that The Irish Rovers have released in over 10 years. With a long career, now in it's 47th year, and hits on the charts including a #2 right beside the Beatles, these boys have no intention of stopping! Hits have included "The Unicorn",  #1 hit "Wasn't That a Party" as well as the Christmas favorite "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer".

Recently, The Irish Rovers' recording of Drunken Sailor reached a younger audience, generating over 6 million hits on various YouTube sites. This has lead to the release of DRUNKEN SAILOR, the album.

The album is full of new tales from the sea, arrrrgg, including a tribute to the great ship, TITANIC on it's 100th anniversary.

Their song, Drunken Sailor has gained so much attention, that Las Vegas created a new "Drunken Sailor" slot machine!

“There aren't many groups in Canada that can match the legacy of The Irish Rovers. TV stars, huge concerts draws, and three major memorable hits. Plus, you have the longevity. This is the group's 45th year together. And their popularity continues. They are on a national tour, have a brand new CD, and a TV special filmed in Ireland coming up.”
 - Bob Mersereau, CBC 2011.

For more information on The Irish Rovers please visit their website .




Music Marketing and PR


 Eddie Cohn Remixed

We are working with Eddie Cohn to release his new EP "REMIXED".

On October 11th 2011 Eddie Cohn will be releasing digitally world wide his new Re-Mix EP entitled "Eddie Cohn Remixed."
This will be Eddie's fifth release to date. Although a new twist to previously released tracks and certainly a departure from his previous records, the remixes are so perfectly suited to Eddie's voice and composition, it's a wonder this hasn't happened earlier!

The Verve, Joseph Arthur, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams, NIN and Elliot Smith have all, among others, played a part in Eddie's musical development. Eddie's style is very much his own, although it would be fair to say that if you are a fan of his influences you will likely be a fan of this EP.

For more info and FREE downloads please click here.




New Music Release


Chasing Satellites - Chasing Satellites


We're happy to announce the long awaited new release from Chasing Satellites. So far Scott Lake (Avril Levine, Metric, The Stills, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, The Jonas Brothers, etc...) has said "the album has great tonalities and great songs..."

Paul Gross of Metalworks studios (Prince, Three Days Grace, Joel Plaskett, Black Eyed Peas, Alexis On Fire, Simple Plan, Sam Roberts, Tokyo Police Club, Feist, etc...) has said "it is one of the best new releases I have heard this year..."

To get some of the tracks for FREE and make your own opinion click here .


Music Marketing and PR



 Here is Moreza's video EPK that we are very happy to share with you all. Just one of the many things to watch out for!



Music Marketing and Branding


 Moreza - Crimson Moon

We are currently working with Flamenco ChillOut artist Moreza developing a new webpage, branding, marketing, distribution, endorsements, a record deal and much more. This is a project we are very excited about and look forward to updating you. For now please take a moment to check out this great ChillOut Artist here!



Music Consulting


Illegal Cargo Records

We recently enjoyed working with David Miller CEO of Illegal Cargo Records in Perth, Australia consulting on brand development and social media. 

Here is a little more info on Illegal Cargo Records:

“Illegal Cargo is an Australian based independent electronic record label, and music publisher. As artists ourselves, we strive to deliver the best in music, design and events. From humble beginnings in late 2009, Illegal Cargo has grown to become a recognised and respected brand in the global music scene.

Our music release’s are currently distributed online, with hundreds of digital distribution partnerships with major stores such iTunes, Beatport, Amazon.com. Our label and publishing roster includes artists such as Homero Espinosa (USA), Vernon & DaCosta (NL), Nacho Marco (ES), Sonny Warton (UK), Dave Miller (AUS), Divide & Conquer (UK), Maison D’ame (AUS), among others.

Our Publishing team are responsible for placing the music catalog in licensing arrangements for TV, Film, Games, and other media opportunities. Having gained placements and establishing connections with brands such as FOXTEL Australia, MTV Network, Rip Curl, and securing license’s with BeatPick Ltd, Sir Groovy allowing our artist roster the opportunity to have their music used with companies such as 20th Century Fox Studios, Mercedes, Samsung, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Fedora, The Travel Channel among others.

With a love for fresh innovative music, Illegal Cargo Records set out to find, promote and release music that is always pushing boundaries – Creative, Forward thinking Music.”



Music Marketing and Consulting


We are currently working with The Irish Rovers developing a new webpage, branding, marketing, distribution, endorsements, and much more. They are currently on location in Northern Ireland recording their upcoming live DVD. Expect to hear lots more from this world renowned band.



Music Journalism


PlayItLoudMusic's founder Aaron Bethune is happy to announce a collaboration with HitQuarters. Bethune will be interviewing established industry specialists and artists. Much like the PlayItLoudMusic interview series the intent is to help independent artists find ways to create revenue streams from the music business. You can see the first interview posted on the HitQuarters site. Also PlayItLoudmMusic will be looking for up and coming artists/bands to interview. The key factor is that the artists/bands must have accomplished notable recognition independently and are willing to share their story. 



Booking and PR


1st Annual Tip to Tip Bike Trip

"We are a group of like-minded musicians who are using the skills and abilities we
have as artists, public speakers, film makers and bicyclists to inform and alert the
public to the importance of protecting our natural environments. We are riding
bicycles from the northern to the southern most tips of Vancouver Island and
performing at venues all along the way. We are filming this adventure in high
definition, from start to finish, to be edited after into a short documentary. All
proceeds from the tour will be donated to The Georgia Straight Alliance, The
Western Wilderness Committee, and GreenPeace."
Jon Bone.

For more information please visit www.myspace.com/thekarunamovement



Music Industry Interviews


PlayItLoudMusic's founder Aaron Bethune conducts a series of music industry interviews.
"These interviews are a real source of information and knowledge. Whether you're an artist looking for success or simply interested in how this business works. With the participation of 604 Records owner Jonathan Simkin, Music Supervisor Ron Proulx, Entertainment Life Coach Ryan Stanley, and many more, there is a lot of great insight here. The music business has changed and musicians are now in control of their own career. Knowledge is a powerful tool. With these interviews I am asking very direct questions so as to help people know how to go about submitting their music to film and t.v., publishers, promoters, etc... I have also enjoyed talking to people with great success stories and how they can relate to your own! 

The biggest thing for me when I started in this business was finding people willing to open up about the intricacies and details of their jobs, and how they made a successful living at it.  Now I have the chance to ask some of the questions I wish I had been able to ask when I first started! Theses days I find that the business is about giving things away for free, whether it be music or resources... I hope you enjoy following this series as much as I have." Aaron Bethune. 

To read the interviews so far please visit our blog by clicking on the link at the top of the page.



Music Documentary Project


Naked Jams is a project that we are very proud to be a part of.

"The concept behind the project is to create collaborative, single take performance videos that we shoot on location, away from stages and studios and mixing boards and effects processors. Just raw, usually unplugged, "naked" music. Our focus is to collaborate with local musicians, to help connect them with a wider audience and also to help the audience that's hungry for more independent music find talent they are unfamiliar with. We also want to work with more established artists, to help them show a different side then what the mainstream is used to seeing." Tash Baycroft.

Check out a recent NakedJam Session with Justin Nozuca


POSTERS... and more!



Mark Maryanovich is a Canadian photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. His clients have included Chris Cornel, Randy Bachman, Gibson Guitars, Bob Rock, Chad Kroeger and Henry Rollins...

Posted by: Aaron Bethune

In our conversation we talk about marketing, getting a #1 on the billboard charts and a best selling book on Amazon....

Posted by: Aaron Bethune


Aaron Bethune publishes his first book "Musicpreneur : The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music" 
Get the first chapters FREE...read more

PlayitLoudMusic places Ryan McMahon's song "I'll be damned" over end credits in upcoming episode of Californication ...read more